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Digitisation has an undeniable impact on the requirements of vocational training in Europe. CoConstruct showcases several approaches on how to successfully introduce digitisation and innovative technologies into vocational training, using the construction sector as a case study.

With CoConstruct, the BGZ teams vocational training centres with universities from five countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland and Romania.

As our focus is innovation transfer, we collate good practices in promoting job-related digital competences, then examine their viability for EU-wide use and explore ways for their institutional implementation. In this, we also closely collaborate with associated partners from trade associations, chambers, public authorities and construction companies.

Our goal is to disseminate proven content, methods, materials and tools as well as to stimulate closer cooperation between vocational and higher education and to enhance teaching competencies. Through the transfer of European good practice, we want to improve training opportunities in the construction sector and increase the appeal of this occupational field for young technophiles.

In addition, we anticipate that CoConstruct will provide concrete recommendations for the modernisation of vocational training systems and contribute to securing the supply of skilled labour.